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Welcome! Please ensure you read all this page on receipt of your applet - there is important information here!

You will need to activate java to view this menu.

iPOP Express 2.1

1. A copy of the licence agreement you agreed to when you purchased the location licence for this applet is enclosed.
2. The one and only thing in this package you actually need are the class files. The rest is decoration and information.
3. There are additional tools available on our website for helping you with this product. To create or edit an index for the applet, you can use the "website indexing system". This is freely downloadable from our site at no extra cost - from the same page as the demo of this applet.
4. Important! On receipt of this applet, please upload the contents of this starter package (i.e. everything in it, exactly as received) to the licenced location(s). You should then conduct an online test of the package at all licenced locations to ensure that as delivered the applet works (start the START.HTM file to do this). This is a strict precondition for any later support, and if you contact us with problems that arise later, you should please inform us whether or not the starter package worked properly on receipt.
5. Instructions are available on our website.
6. Support. If you run into trouble, please use the support area of our website before contacting us. This allows problems to be solved much more quickly and efficiently.
7. Feedback. We take a pride in our products and make a point of listening to the people who use them. Much of the character of the product you now see has been influenced heavily by the feedback of earlier purchasers. Requested changes are very frequently made at some stage in our continuous development. So feel welcome to send us your comments - preferably with a direct URL to your end result so that we can see what kind of implementation of the applet you are using.